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MCWANDMA Wrestling


We accommodate beginner as well as high-level wrestlers who are looking to take their game to the next level. Our club wrestling teams are designed to help both youth and high school wrestlers improve and excel in the off season. We cover techniques like Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco Roman wrestling. Age, gender, and ability do not prohibit anybody from training with us. Wrestling is designed to build self confidence, mental fortitude, and a strong work ethic. Come see us and our staff will find the best fit for you!

MCWANDMA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


This Martial Art is descendant of Judo, credited to grandmaster Helio Gracie and his brothers. Gracie jiu jitsu teaches that a smaller person can gain the ability to submit a larger, more aggressive opponent by studying the proper leverage and techniques that jiu jitsu offers. Joint locks and stangle holds can be achieved once the student has effectively learned how to position his/her self
advantageously. Jiu jitsu breeds self defense, cardiovascular conditioning, and overall functional strength. 
Come see why so many have fallen in love with the gentle art!



Get in the best shape of your life at Muay Thai class! In this class you will learn how to strike with proper technique using both your hands and feet, as well as your knees and elbows. These classes will also cover the Thai clinch and the proper way to knee and elbow from the clinch. Muay Thai training is a full body workout that leads to well rounded strength and flexibility. It is a fantastic way to burn calories and lose weight, as well as boost metabolism. Possibly the most rewarding way to exert energy on a daily basis, but only for the student who is really ready to put the work in!



These training sessions are designed to help the most ambitious of athletes make their way to the cage for fight night. We will cover techniques being used in MMA and hone in on the basics that keep a person safe in a fight. Our MMA curriculum is designed to provide the student with long-term vision and success. This program is for the goal-driven athlete who will never give up. Age 16 and up, only serious inquiries please!

MCWANDMA Women's Self-Defense


Women's Self-Defense is designed to help a person overcome the fear of potential attacks or threats. We offer active drilling of the techniques necessary to defend oneself or a loved one if threatened. These classes are more educational than they are a tough workout, but you will still be burning calories as you go through the movements. These classes offer the kind of safe and structured environment to help each woman retain skills that can be used to defend against an attacker in the real world. Come see why women love to train in self-defense!

MCWANDMA Cardio Kickboxing


Finally, cardio that is fun and exciting! Learn how to throw a proper kick and punch in bunches. When you get to learn something new, the workout flies by, and the calories fly off! Get all the muscular endurance and cardio conditioning you need while also meeting new people with the same motivation. Our team atmosphere will leave you feeling excited to make future progress with the rest of the group. Contact us to set up a tour of our facility and a consultation with our coaches!


All programs are led by highly qualified, experienced instructors at affordable membership fees for monthly classes.

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